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Get Smart about Managing Expenses

Is your business struggling with expense management?

Glyd Prepaid Card empowers your employees, reduces use of cash and helps you control your expenses better and gives you better visibility of how company funds are spent.



Effective control

Gain oversight of where, when and how funds are spent as well as by whom. You get the flexibility to define spend limits and usage, allocate budgets.


360O Visibility

Get complete clarity on expenditure with the Glyd analytics. You can monitor and analyse all your business spendings, make comparisons between projections and actuals, and much more. In fact, you get real-time visibility on transactions.


Automated Accounting

Save precious resources while you focus on core business objectives. Simplify your bookkeeping, reduce accounting errors and close your books faster with Glyd.



No cash advances

No worries about obtaining cash advances or out-of-pocket expenses while making business expenditure of any kind.


Easy submission of expenses

No risk of losing the receipts or forgetting to make the claim. Now employees can scan their expense receipts on the Glyd app on the go and claim expenses as they incur them.


Real-time reloading of card

No more embarrassment of running out of balance on the card while entertaining an important client or scrounging around for personal funds while travelling.

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