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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Glyd is a pre-paid Mastercard, which can be used at any shop, ATM or online merchant that accepts Mastercard.

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    You first sign up on Glyd portal by uploading your company documents and providing the required details. After your documents are verified, you transfer funds into your Glyd account from your company account and buy a Glyd package of cards. The first card is issued to the business owner or to one of the Directors of the company. Rest of the cards are made available to you on the Glyd portal for you to assign to your employees. Your employees can then download Glyd app and register. Once they complete their e-KYC successfully, they receive their individual cards. All of your Glyd cards use the same company account, so you can easily distribute funds to your cards from your Glyd Account. The business owner or account admins (unlimited number) can set spending controls for each card and create additional cards at any time by logging into Glyd

  • Q How do I sign up for Glyd?

    Signing up for Glyd is easy. You can sign up online at REGISTER NOW, provide business details and upload required documents. Your documents and details will be verified and upon verification you will receive an email notification. After that you will need to transfer funds to Glyd from your company account to buy a Glyd package and activate your cards. Here is the timeline for each of these actions:

    • Account Sign-up approval – Immediate
    • Company Details verification – 1 business day
    • Account Activation – 1 business day after you do funds transfer
    • Card User Registration – 1 business for e-KYC
    • Card Delivery – 7 to 10 business days
    • Card Activation by users – Immediate
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    You will need the following documents:

    • SSM profile of your company
    • ID copies of the company directors and significant shareholders
    • Bank account details
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    Yes. You will need to transfer funds from an existing, verified bank account of your company or the owner.

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    Yes. Because Glyd is a pre-paid card product, credit is not extended to your company and we do not run a credit check during the application process. If you are a legitimate, verifiable business and individual, then you can qualify for Glyd.

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    Here are a few uses for Glyd cards that our customers like:

    • Fuel Cards – Track & control fuel-only purchases; assign one card per vehicle
    • Employee Expense Cards – Give each employee a Glyd card to track expenses & get alerts
    • Office Expense Cards – Control how much you spend on office supplies, subscriptions, etc.
    • Petty Cash Cards – Enabled for ATM withdrawals
    • Virtual Cards – Instantly create cards for one-off purchases, subscriptions, vendor payments, etc.
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    Glyd works on a per card fee, based on the package you select. (You pay non-refundable annual fee)

    • Bronze: RM 49 /month: Up to 5 cards
    • Silver: RM 79 /month: Up to 10 cards
    • Gold: RM 149 /month: Up to 25 cards
    • Enterprise: Contact us More than 25 cards

    Other fees are as follows:

    Type of fee and charge Amount charged (RM)
    Payment fees for purchases online and in retail outlets Free
    Card cancellation Free
    Card Replacement Fee
    (Only applicable for Card replacement request made by Cardmember. Not applicable if due to defect of Chip or Card)
    RM 20
    ATM Withdrawal Fee
    (withdrawing cash from E-Wallet through Instapay Mastercard)
    RM2 (Participating Banks in Malaysia)
    International ATM withdrawal fee RM10.00 per transaction or 2% of withdrawal amount, whichever is higher
    Sales Draft fee RM15.00

    *Conditions Apply

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    Please note that Glyd will charge you from the same cash balance that you use to fund your Glyd cards—so there’s no need to pay for card fee separately.

    Glyd will send a confirmation after we successfully bill you. You can always log in to your Glyd account to view your billing history and see your current plan.

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    You can use your physical and virtual Glyd cards internationally, wherever MasterCard debit cards are accepted. However, Glyd currently only accepts signups from businesses registered in Malaysia.

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    You simply use your Glyd card at any location where Mastercard is accepted

    • Shopping – Glyd can be used with PIN or for contactless transactions
    • Online Purchases – 3-digit security code required (on back of card) along with the OTP sent to user’s registered mobile number.
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    Glyd user can pick up transaction from the app, scan and attach invoices and submit them for approval from the app itself.

  • Q How will I know if my expense submission has been approved or rejected?

    You will know the status of your submissions at all times. Once it is approved you will see the status updated as approved.

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    You can view your recent transactions on the App. You will be able to view your latest transactions on the App immediately after the actual transactions took place as all transactions are immediately posted to the account.

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    As a Business owner, you have a Dashboard of expenses on your Glyd Corporate Portal which show you detailed analysis of how company funds are being used by your employees who are Glyd Users.

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    Yes, Glyd allows you to set budgets for each department and also for employees. You can track spends against the budget.

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    While assigning cards to the employees you can decide what restrictions to put on the card spends. You can choose from a list of pre-designed cards for specific purposes like Fuel Cards, ATM cards etc or you can custom design a card for the employee.

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    Yes. Glyd is designed to allow business owners to control company expenses and support employee spending. The business owner can set the individual employee card settings and decide whether the employee can withdraw funds via ATM or not.

    Additionally, Glyd does not support direct deposits. Only the business owner can deposit money into Glyd from their bank account.

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    If you need the funds in your Glyd account to use elsewhere as Cash, the easiest way is to withdraw funds at any ATM. Otherwise you can use the refund option on Glyd portal and we will return funds back into your linked bank account via bank transfer.

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    If the face of your Glyd Prepaid Mastercard displays the Contactless Indicator symbol, it means that your Glyd Prepaid Mastercard is enabled with a contactless feature. If you see the Mastercard contactless symbol displayed at the retailer or merchant’s point-of-sales (POS) terminals, you can tap your card on the contactless reader to complete a payment transaction up to RM250. Entering your PIN to authorise the payment transaction is not required. For transactions above RM250, you need to enter your PIN to approve the transactions.

  • Q
    Amount Limit Count Value
    One-time ATM cash withdrawal limit -- RM 1,500
    Daily ATM cash withdrawal limit 4 RM 2,500
    Weekly ATM cash withdrawal limit 10 RM 5,000
    Monthly ATM cash withdrawal limit 20 RM 10,000
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    Replacement cards can be obtained upon request to the Call Centre. There will be a card replacement fee (please refer to the fee section). Please call us at +60 3 2786 5380 or email your request to support@glyd.com

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    It is important that you inform us of any changes in your contact details to ensure that all correspondence reach you in a timely manner. This can be done by contacting our Call Centre to update your contact details. Please call us at +60 3 2786 5380 email your request to support@glyd.com.

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    Glyd is a highly secure platform that conforms to the highest level of industry security norms. Glyd platform also conforms to PDPA rules and ensures complete security of the user personal details.

    Glyd is issued by Instapay which is a fully licensed e-money issuer by Bank Negara Malaysia and your funds are held in a Public Bank trust account managed by PB Trustee Sdn Bhd (“Trust Account”) at all times.

    In the event that Instapay Technologies Sdn Bhd voluntarily decides to exit in carrying out its business operations as an Issuer, Instapay Technologies Sdn Bhd will make necessary arrangements to facilitate handover / takeover of its issuing operations by another Issuer (“new Issuer”) acceptable to and to be approved by Bank Negara Malaysia (“BNM”), in an orderly manner subject to a minimum 3 months prior notice to its users and the account holders or such other period as may be agreed by BNM.

    The new Issuer shall continue to honour the obligations including the terms and conditions stipulated in the existing terms and conditions as set-out in the Instapay Product document. No material changes or variation shall be made to any part of the Instapay Product Documentation and/or Product Disclosure Sheet until the user(s) of Glyd Card/Account have decided to cease using the accounts or the new Issuer has notified the user(s) of Glyd/CardAccount on the change of these accounts to a new e-money facility (online wallet) offered by the new Issuer. Until a new trust account(s) is set up by the new Issuer, all funds held in the existing trust account(s) established and maintained with the licensed financial institution(s) shall remain unchanged.

    However, should Instapay Technologies Sdn Bhd is unable to find a new Issuer acceptable to BNM to take-over its Issuing operation, Instapay Technologies Sdn Bhd shall cease accepting new applications from the user(s) of Glyd Card/Account, will continue to manage its issuing operations until all its user(s) of Glyd Card/Account have decided to cease using the account. Only then Instapay Technologies Sdn Bhd will cease operation.

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    You must open a Glyd Account before you are issued Glyd cards. You must be a business owner whose business is registered in Malaysia.

    Compromising of usernames and passwords and unauthorised transactions are major risks that you must be aware of. You must take necessary precautions to prevent such breaches. Please review your transaction history in your account frequency to prevent fraud.

    You must take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss or theft of the Glyd Mastercard. You shall notify us immediately upon discovery of loss or theft and confirm the same in writing to our Call Centre.

    You must notify us immediately after finding out that your Glyd Card details or PIN number or any codes, usernames and passwords have been compromised, or if you suspect that an unauthorised transaction has been conducted on your Glyd Card in order for us to block your account.

    Please call us at +60 3 2786 5380 (local) or email us at support@glyd.com.

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    You are responsible for maintaining adequate security and control of your User ID, Password, OTP, PIN or any codes that you will use to access the Glyd Account and Glyd Mastercard. You must notify our Call Centre immediately upon discovering that your PIN number or any codes, usernames and passwords are compromised and follow up with a written confirmation together with a copy of your police report. We have the right to terminate your Glyd Account and Glyd Mastercards if you fail to abide by the Terms and Conditions.

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    If you have decided to cancel your Glyd account, please send an email to connect@glyd.com There are no penalties, fees or surcharges for closing your account. As part of account closure, we will return any remaining available funds in your account back into your linked bank account via bank transfer. However, card package fee paid by you will not be refunded.