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Easy end-to-end expense management


Control Card Feature

Turn a card on/off anytime with just a click.

In cases such as a card being misplaced or an employee exiting the company’s payroll, you can immediately take steps to block the card.

Set up role-based spending limits based on your business’s requirements.

You can fix parameters such as different spend limits for different categories of employees or for different departments.

Restrict card usage to certain merchant categories.

You can control where the card is used to prevent unauthorised use.

Enable international use only when required.

Each card can be enabled for international spending to coincide with employee travel abroad, when authorised by the administrator.

Allow card-not-present transactions.

In the event that the employee is unable to present the physical card when making a purchase, you can turn on online and telephone purchasing.


Customised Corporate Cards

Change card profiles to create different card types to fulfil organization needs.

Some cards type that can be created are:

  • Travel and Entertainment cards to manage travel-related and business entertainment expenses
  • Per diem cards for travellers or to provide employee perks such as free meals
  • Purchasing cards to allow authorised personnel to buy goods and services
  • Vendor-specific cards in case you wish to track and manage payments to specific vendors or on certain tasks
  • Petrol cards for drivers to ensure they can only fill up tank at petrol pumps

Instant Virtual Cards

Instantly generate, issue, edit and use virtual cards,

considered more secure and effective than plastic cards, especially for one-off and recurring purchases.

Store virtual cards online in your account,

until you require their use.

Set expense limits and access controls on the virtual cards,

just as you can on physical cards; also use them for online and over-the-phone purchases.

Retrieve virtual card information online

for one-off online purchases, add custom controls to cards for recurring payments, or share unique card numbers with different billers for better tracking.


Efficient Analytics and Reporting

Banish expense reports

Get rid of time-consuming paper expense statements and use user-friendly expense management tools to get insights from real-time data.

Improve analysis with Search and Filter tools

Instantly generate customised expense reports, person or department. The reports can be easily and quickly shared and exported.


Seamless Accounting Integration

Seamless Accounting Integration

Simplify your Bookkeeping and reduce accounting errors and close your books faster with Glyd. Glyd enables you to integrate with your accounting platform so that your expenses are seamlessly transferred and posted.


Streamlined Receipt Capture

Quick auto-match of receipts to transactions

All you have to do is take the picture of a receipt and Glyd will automatically match it to the correct transaction. You save precious time and resources.

Helpful alerts and reminders

People sometimes forget to submit receipts, thus creating a logistical nightmare for finance teams. Glyd solves this with reminder function so that all cardholders automatically receive an alert to remind those who missed uploading receipts according to your policies.

Convenient uploading of receipts from library

Glyd allows you to upload pictures of receipts directly from your photos folder into a library. Simply take pictures of receipts whenever you have time and when you can get online, log into the app, and upload them from your photos library.

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