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Glyd Portal

Load funds on Employee Glyd Cards as per budget

Company Admin/CFO

  • Set up users
  • Set up spend limits
  • Set up budgets

Employees spend as per budget

Users get
Glyd app and Mastercard loaded
for spending

  • Travel Expense
  • Fuel Expense
  • Meals
  • Hotels
  • Office Supplies

Employees submit receipts via
app for reconciliation and reload

  • Budgets and Expense Control

    • Set budgets for individuals or departments
    • Set rules for expense
    • Control Card features for each individual
  • Analytics and Reporting

    • Detailed reports
    • No expense reports
    • Track spending against budget
    • Search and Filter tools
  • Accounting Integration

    • Bookkeeping and monthly closing
    • Mapping expenditure data
  • Receipt Capture

    • Auto-match of receipts to transactions
    • Alerts and reminders